Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Spain 2002, The Idea

2002, October.

When I was made redundant from work after 33 years, I thought it would be a good idea to sell up and move abroad but where? Dot eventually came up with the idea to buy a motorhome drive round Europe and then make a decision.

Next question was which one, checked out showrooms, the press and some web sites. What we discovered was, they are not cheap or that the cheap ones where about twenty years old but we did decide on the layout we liked.

To get a van for the money we had, with the layout we wanted, we would have had to buy something about seven to eight years old. Then we found a dealer in the Newcastle area, that sold the Italian made Mclouis and for a few thousand more, we could get new, the 410 model, same layout we wanted, albeit a bit small, so we went home to think about it.

Then I got to thinking, If they are cheap new how much would they be second hand, so back to the internet, none in the UK, so I started looking in Italy and then Spain. One showroom Euromtorhomes in Barcelona had loads of them (many this years model), so I emailed them to arrange a visit.

Next thing was to get low cost flights to Spain and a hotel booked in Barcelona.

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