Thursday, 19 May 2011

Spain 2003, Day Eight, Santander

Day Eight 24th March

First we stop at the supermarket, there is not much in the way of good beers, so I just stock up with a few packs of Spanish stubbies, some cans of Hoegaarden and some wine, not a lot I know but as I mentioned before, we are heading off to France in June and can do a proper beer run then.

The Drive to Santander is a bit busier than the drive to Haro, as the road passes more urban areas but it is still far better than traffic in England.  We had to stop for more fuel along the way.  The last half of the journey is along the coast and is quite pleasant. We arrive at the port about five hours early, with the intention of having a look round Santander. We are allowed to park up at the port and given a time to be back for loading, we then set off for the town, which is just outside the port gate.

The weather at Santander is really hot, something we had not expected this far north especially after Haro, also the shops are all closed for siesta something else we didn't expect.  The shops eventually open in time for us to have a quick look round and get cigarettes for a friend, before we have to head back for the ferry.

Leaving Santander, 2003

The ferry leaves right on time to give us a wonderful sunset over Spain to say adios, for now.

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