Saturday, 14 May 2011

Spain 2003, Arangments

All arrangements with Euromotohomes were done using email with very few problems, we were worried for a while, when we got an email saying that the building of a new motorway, meant moving the showroom to the other side of Barcelona. Bank transfers completed all we had to do now was to get to Spain to collect our van.

Booked with Easy Jet (not KLM) to get back to pick up the van and as its our first trip abroad in the van, we booked the long crossing Santander to Plymouth. This would save driving all the way through France (we are going back to France later in the year) and this is just a trip to the collect van.

Unfortunately Easy Jet do not start direct flights to Barcelona until the next month so we have to go via Stansted. The only way to do it, is to get the last flight out of Newcastle one night with the first flight out of Stansted the next morning, which means sleeping in Stansted airport over night.

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