Saturday, 14 May 2011

Spain 2003, Day Two, Sitges

Day Two 18th March

We need pillows, it was incredibly uncomfortable last night without any, so we will get some from the town this afternoon.  We took the long walk back along the promenade into the centre to look around the shops. 

Sitges 2003

Sitges is a nice place, with a good long beach and the sun was out.  What we did not know, was that Sitges was a mecca for gays but we did wonder what the phrase "great for gays and family alike", in one tourist books meant.


After completing the walk to the far end of the promenade and looking around the marina area, we head into the shops to look for pillows


We could not find pillows anywhere and after looking for hours we eventually retire to a small bar for a beer and a sit down.  We had found some cushions that we bought, just because they would be softer than what we had last night.  We asked a girl serving in the bar, where we were resting and thankfully, she knew somewhere and pointed us in the right direction.  We returned to the small bar, with our newly acquired pillows, to say thank you and obviously, have another beer or two before the long walk back.  Although we did take the shorter route back via the main road, not as nice as the beach way.

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