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Spain 2003, Day Four, Cambrils

Day Four 20th March

Set off for Cambrils about a 50 mile drive, but when we got there, they where building several new roads around the area, one right in front of the site we where aiming for. We could see the site but no matter where we went we could not get to it, we went round and round, did give me plenty of practice driving the van in a built up area though. To cut a very long story short, we had to drive across the roads works, along a dirt track (a real one) and down an embankment to get there, and to cap it all, we didn't like the look of the site and left.

Parked up on the front and had something to eat, then a walk, another nice seafront.

We then doubled back to Salou, we had been there on a package holiday years before and thought it would be nice to see it again. The two sites in our book where still closed for the winter, so we drove through to one on the other side on the way out of town, it was open but because of some refurbishments going on, motorhomes where not allowed? We stopped at a bar nearby to ask about camping and was told that there where some motorhomes wild camping on the seafront at the very north of Salou but we did not think we should try this, maybe at a later date (didn't fancy being moved on in the middle of the night).

Camping Àmfora D'Arcs, Spain 2003

Camping Àmfora D'Arcs

N340 Km1145, 43391 Vinyols i els Arcs

Went back to Cambrils, to a site we had seen just off the main road, and booked in for the night, it is just a short walk from the hotel Port Vinyols on the N340.

We where given a map and instructions on how to get to the seafront, so off we set, never did get there although we walked for miles. We walked along country roads, paths, across fields, are chased by farm dogs and end up not being able to cross the railway lines. So we head back and find what is supposed to be a petrol station/service area but inside its a bar and restaurant, food is being cooked over an open fire like a huge BBQ, it looks really good but we have decided to go to the hotel for our evening meal, so for now we just have a drink.

The hotel does one of them, three courses, bottle of wine and water for a fixed price things, these are very good value. The menu is all in Spanish (as you would expect away from the main touristy bits) but the waiter is very helpful, explaining a best he can what everything is. He must have done a good job, as it all gets eaten and is most enjoyable.

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