Thursday, 19 May 2011

Spain 2003, Day Six, Haro

Day Six 22nd March

There is a very small tent on the plot opposite us, the young gentleman it belongs to, is on a bike, hence the small tent. Now the reason I mention this is, the cheek of the young man, you have to pay extra for hook-up but this chap wanders across to an unoccupied site next to ours, opens the hook-up box and plugs his mobile phone charger in. Then he's off to washes his pots and pans, on return he goes over to one of the static vans by the river, takes a tea towel off their washing line and dries his stuff. Its easy to travel light if you have the nerve and don't give a dam about other peoples property.

By this time we are out of water and will have to fill up for the first time on a site, the hose we got with the van is very short and the tap is a fair way off.  So we put away anything that could fall over and drive round to the tap, after a bit of fiddling with fittings the job is done. We now usually fill up on entering a site, if we are only there for three of four days this will usually suffice and if not, we use a five litre water bottle to top up, the water tank is easily accessed under a seat and filled by removing the tanks large screw lid

Haro, 2003

Found a supermarket on the edge of town, got a few things we needed but will return on our way out of town to stock up with alcohol to bring home. This is the centre of Rioja production but at this time in our lives we are not big wine drinkers, pity. 


That night we head out on the town, tapas at the first bar we come to (luckily this is the very busy bar/restaurant from yesterday) then on into the main square. It is very quiet for a Saturday night and the few bars around the square are practically empty but then we discover, up the side streets, several bars and restaurants, that we hadn't noticed during the day and they where heaving.

Haro Spain 2003

We had a real good night and we even ended it by popping it to the bar on the campsite for one on the way back.

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