Saturday, 14 May 2011

Spain 2003, Day Three, Sitges

Day Three 19th March

Another day out in Sitges centre, the walk in is not that bad in the warm sun.  
There are some very nice properties on the front leading out of the old town, there are also a couple of motorhomes that looked to be parked up long term on the road, I can not see this happening in the summer, when it is busy.

Sitges 2003

We picking up some more things we needed for the van, can opener, bottle opener, matches, dustpan and brush, hot glue gun, etc (hot glue gun??).  There are some nice tapas bars, restaurants and shops in town, strange though, to see advertisements in clothes shop windows with photos of men kissing.  Came across the train station and considered a trip in to Barcelona but decided against it, we have been twice before and it would be a bit of a rush. So we spent the day at a more relaxed pace instead.


Had a beer in a very smart bar, with the largest selection of tapas I have ever seen, then we had a drink in a beach bar in the sun. 

Beer in the sunBar Sitges

Back at the campsite we had some food and beer in the bar and then sat outside the van in the sun with a drink on the evening.  Bacardi and Cola, something else we bought down the town, we didn't have anything to sit on, so we used the cushions off the bench seats from the van.


On the site, I see a scooter on the back of a motorhome for the first time and think, that it would be something to consider in the future but maybe with a small motorbike.

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