Saturday, 14 May 2011

Spain 2002, Rest Day

Day Two

Sunday, we fancy doing city tour on the open top bus, there is a bus stop back at the marina so we walk back along the front. We are in summer gear but the locals are out for their Sunday walk in overcoats, scarves and hats.

Dot in the sun, Spain 2002Dot on the way to the marina, Spain 2002

Back at the marina there is a market on, mainly Africans selling CDs and DVDs from blankets spread on the floor, when what looks like the local trading standards turn up, you see why they use blankets. Its so easy for them to grab the four corners of the blanket, lift it and run, with all their wears intact.

The bus goes from just in front of the two towers that back on to the mariner, we only wait a few minutes before the bus arrives and we hop on. There are two routes but they cross and you can change from one to the other, for a complete tour. We only have today, so we decide to do the full tour and see all of the sites, after all, we will be back in March. Between tours we stop for a sandwich somewhere in the centre of the city, overall the tour is well worth it.

In the evening we head back to the marina for food and drink again, we even have a cocktail.  As we have to be up early the next morning to go home, the place is just warming up as we leave again.

Grand CasinoCocktails in Barcelona 2002

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