Saturday, 14 May 2011

Spain 2002, KLM

Day Three

Taxi to the airport is quite expensive as we are on the far side of the city, it is Monday morning and the traffic is horrendous. At the airport all is going well, the plan arrives on time and we are soon on our way back to Schiphol.

However on arrival we find in Schiphol, our flight to Newcastle is delayed, for about two hours, the taxi firm at home have the flight number so should know we are going to be late, so we retire to the bar again. When we eventually go to get on the plane, the flight attendant informs me that my hand luggage is to large a must go in the hold (remember we took only hand luggage to speed things up, at least I know it will arrive as I see it go on). Now this bag has a plastic label on it from KLM, stating that it is suitable as hand luggage, it has also been on three KLM flights in three days, with no problems and to top it all, the gent in front of me has a bag twice the size of mine, so big, two people are required to force it into the overhead locker.

I have said it before but I think it is worth mentioning again, I will never, ever use KLM again. It may not sound that bad but on top of the cancellations and delays, we where offered no explanations, given no information, in fact the staff at Schiphol airport where very unhelpful and offhanded.

Now all we had to do was, wait for the entire winter, before we had the redundancy money to pay for the van and then go back and collect it.

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